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Summit County Single Family Homes

The Summit County single family home epitomizes mountain luxury. If you want a property for big family gatherings or for maximum short-term rental revenue, the single family home may be the route to go. Because single family homes are on individual lots you have more privacy and separation from your neighbors. And depending on if you're located in a covenant controlled community, you will have more freedom in how you use your property. Say you'd like to store a snowmobile trailer or a boat at your mountain home, we can find you a property for that. Conversely, some of the newer developments are covenant controlled homeowners associations to maintain a certain aesthetic.

Another great benefit, is some single family home lots may be eligible to accommodate an Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU). Think of this as an additional apartment on top of your detached garage. Rent it to a trusted local tenant for extra revenue and the security of knowing someone is nearby to check on your mountain home. Summit County also has programs to waive water and sewer tap fees for a locals housing ADU and they are discussing new benefits. 

Summit County Single Family Homes For Sale