So you've narrowed down your Summit County Home Search to the town of Silverthorne. You're almost there, but there's still some decisions to be made. Luckily Silverthorne has some of Summit Counties newest and most luxurious real estate options. 

Do you want to short-term rent your new property? 

In Summit County, a short-term rental is defined as any rental for a period of less than 30 days at a time. If you're more flexible with longer stays I can recommend other great income producing strategies that are not as regulated.

  • The first step is to confirm is that the home you're considering is actually within the town limits of Silverthorne. Many properties may have a Silverthorne address and zip code but they are actually located under the jurisdiction of unincorporated Summit County. Some examples of neighborhoods that have a Silverthorne address but are not in Silverthorne town limits are: Wildernest, Hamilton Creek, Ptarmigan, and Ruby Ranch. Luckily it's easy to confirm via this link, if the property is highlighted in pink then it's within town limits. 
  • Next you need to understand the Town of Silverthorne's short-term rental rules and caps. The town has sectioned off their jurisdiction into 3 zones in an attempt to keep workforce housing attainable. Once a zone reaches the cap of licenses the town will establish a waitlist or lottery policy for new licensing. As of today, licenses will renew as long as the owner wishes to pay the licensing fees but they will not transfer with most sales. 
    • Zone 1: This zone cover the largest geographical area. It is limited to a cap of 10% of properties having a short-term rental license. 
    • Zone 2: Includes the downtown river-side area of Silverthorne and also Summit Sky Ranch to the south. This zone is limited to a 50% cap. 
    • Zone 3: Deed Restricted Neighborhood Zone. Homes in these neighborhoods are for the local workforce and are not eligible for short-term renting. 
    • Check what zone the property is in here, check current number of available licenses by zone here.
  • There are annual fees associated with a short-term rental license. There is also a 6% lodging tax that will need to be collected and paid. 
    • Studio –$150
    • One Bedroom - $200
    • Two Bedrooms –$250
    • Three Bedrooms –$300
    • Four Bedrooms –$350
    • Five bedrooms – $450
    • Six or more bedrooms – $500

What location and views do you want?

  • Downtown: If you want to be walking distance from all of Silverthornes action you'll want to be in the downtown core. This will primarily be in condominium or townhome developments. You may also get river views depending on your price point. Some examples of developments to look at are: Blue River Flats, River West Condos, Fourth Street Crossing, and Apres Shores. 
  • River/Lake: While some of the downtown developments will also feature river views, you can open up more options by moving further north down the Blue River. Don't worry, it's still an easy bicycle ride or walk to downtown Silverthorne. Some great neighborhoods include: Angler Mountain Ranch, Blue River Run, & Ponds at Blue River.
  • Golf Course: If you want to be on or near the golf course, Eagles Nest is your answer. The Ravens at Three Peaks golf club features outstanding views from all 18 holes. There are several neighborhoods within Eagles nest such as: The Hideaway Townhouses, Aspens at Eagles Nest, Willowbrook Meadows, and Three Peaks. 
  • Ute Mountain/Ptarmigan/Forest Views: Since Silverthorne is in a wide valley created by the Blue Rive, most properties on the west side of Highway 9 (including the golf course properties above) will be oriented to face the mountains to the east. The mountain views to the east will not be as dramatic as the Gore Range views listed below. You will also likely have a wooded feel around your home depending on the density of the neighborhood. 
  • Gore Range: The pinnacle of Silverthorne views is looking at the dramatic Gore Range. From Red Mountain, Buffalo Mountain's Silver Coulier, and the Eagles Nest. These are the jagged alpine views that come to mind when you picture the Rocky Mountains. While some homes in Eagles Nest, Summit Sky Ranch and Ruby Ranch do emphasize these views, they will be much more common from the East Side of Highway 9. Looks for the following neighborhoods: Angler Mountain Ranch, Hamilton Creek, & Ptarmigan. 
  • Summit Sky RanchSummit Sky Ranch gets a special mention of its own. Silverthorne's furthest north neighborhood is still less than 15 minutes from Interstate 70. This large development has a combination of small cabins, luxury duplexes, luxury townhouses, and custom single family homes. It is also the most amenity rich development in all of Summit County. At Summit Sky Ranch you will find everything from hiking trails, dog park, semi-private fishing rights, a lake with a beach, rec center, pool/hot tubs, and even an astronomy observatory. 


What Amenities do you want in your new home?

Silverthorne's diverse real estate developments offer the whole gambit of amenities. But Silverthorne also has an excellent and recently remodeled recreation center that can take the place of having them at your home. 

  • Do you want a private or shared hot tub?
  • Do you want private fishing rights for a pond or Blue River? 
  • Do you want a workout facility on site or will you get your adventure on outside?
  • Do you want to be on the recreation path?

Need some help narrowing down your Silverthorne home search? Feel free to reach out and we can tour multiple neighborhoods even if we don't go in any houses. I've found driving around Silverthorne is one of the best ways to show you what different neighborhoods have to offer. Then we can target a specific area for you. 


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